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Rotary encoder Selection Considerations

Article Source:www.soundwell-cn.com  Edit:Soundwell  issuing time:2016-05-31

  Rotary encoders solve the problem of measuring the speed is widely used, then select the rotary encoder process, we need to consider what factors do pay attention to what issues or Granville electronic rotary encoder selection considerations are summarized as follows??:
  1. Electrical Interface to note: The encoder output common push-pull output (F-type pattern HTL), output voltage (E), open collector (C, C is the common type NPN output tube, C2 PNP type tube output) , long-term drive output. Its output should and its control system interface circuit to match.
   2. Resolution aspects should be noted: namely, when the resolution of encoder output pulses per turn, to consider whether the use of design to meet the accuracy requirements.
   3. The mechanical dimensions to note: includes positioning spigot, shaft, mounting holes; cable and outlet; installation space volume; degree of protection if the work environment to meet the requirements.
   4. Annex aspects should be noted: Coupler, flange, servo mounting accessories
   5. The protection level aspect to note: if the field of water, environment, oil, dust environment, at present, up to IP65 protection structure
   6. The highest response frequency of required Note: Choose the highest frequency response requires more than the operating frequency of the other equipment, the current incremental up to 200KHz, the absolute maximum 20KHz
   7. Maximum number of rotations promise aspects should be noted: The maximum number of rotary encoder promised selected higher than the required number of rotations of the other equipment, the current incremental up to 12000r / min, the absolute maximum of 6000r / min
   8. Output phase aspects should be noted: A phase, A-phase and B-phase, A-phase and B-phase and Z phase, according to detailed customer wish to achieve what function to determine the output phase requires several phases (naming rules embody)
   9. The output code aspect to note: Binary, BCD code, Gray binary code (naming rules embody)
  10. Output formal aspects should be noted: NPN open collector output PNP open collector output, complementary output, voltage output, linear drive output. According to the follow-up device capable of receiving an input signal to decide what form the output of the encoder (naming rules embody)
  11. The terms of the operating voltage should be noted: between the DC DC5-24V (naming rules embody)
  Form 12. The shaft aspects should be noted: the shaft extension must be equipped with a coupler to use; the hollow shaft, without coupling with direct sleeve can be used on other devices
  13. Resolution aspects to note: also known as the median number of pulses, a few wire (absolute encoder have this title), currently the largest incremental 6000P / R, the absolute maximum 1024P / R
  14. Shaft selection should pay attention to: Ф2mm, Ф4mm, Ф6mm, Ф8mm, Ф10mm, and other devices for coupling
  15. The apparent size aspect to note: Ф20mm, Ф25mm, Ф40mm, Ф50mm, Ф55mm, Ф60mm, need to be considered when installing the encoder (to reflect the naming convention)
  Guangdong Granville Electronics Co., Ltd. since 1991 began the development of the production of rotary encoders, rich R & D and manufacturing experience, if you have questions on the selection of procurement rotary encoder, feel free to contact us, will help you solve the problem.

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