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Rotary encoder wiring should pay attention to what?

Article Source:www.soundwell-cn.com  Edit:Soundwell  issuing time:2016-06-04

  Photoelectric rotary encoder is a rotary measuring device which rotates the output pulse by counting device to know its location, if incorrect wiring may damage the internal circuit, so we should be in the wiring to the rotary encoder full attention to the following points:
  Rotary encoder wiring Note a:
  Wiring should be in the power OFF state, because when the power is turned on, if the output power line contact, then sometimes damage to the output circuit.         Rotary encoder wiring Note II:
  Note that when the power supply wiring polarity, because if a wiring error, and sometimes damage to the internal circuit, it should give full attention to the polarity of the power supply wiring.
  Rotary encoder wiring Note III:
  If and power lines, power lines parallel wiring, it may sometimes cause malfunction by induction into the damage, so be separated further wiring.
  Rotary encoder wiring Note Four:
  When extension cords should be 10m or less. And due to the rising volume of distribution wires, waveform fall time will be longer  when there is a problem with Schmitt circuit and so the waveform shaping.
         Rotary encoder wiring Note Five:
        To avoid inductive noise, to try wiring the shortest distance. When the input to the integrated circuit, in particular, need to pay attention.
         Rotary encoder Wiring Precautions six:
         When the wires extend, due to the impact between the conductor resistance and wiring capacitance, the waveform rise and fall times longer, prone to interference between signals, crosstalk, so the application of low resistance, low capacitance between line wires, twisted pair, shielded cable .
         Tell you friends in the rotary encoder wiring necessary to pay attention to the times above 6 details, if there are any questions, you can contact us Oh, Guangdong Granville Electronics Co., Ltd. is specialized in producing rotary encoder manufacturers, strong design and manufacturing capabilities, Welcome!

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