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What are the advantages of the rotary encoder?

Article Source:www.soundwell-cn.com  Edit:Soundwell  issuing time:2016-06-03

  The rotary encoder is currently widely used by the market, then, by contrast, rotary encoders What are the advantages?
  We know that the rotary encoder is a photoelectric rotary measuring device, the measured angular displacement will be directly converted into a digital signal to its advantage is reflected in the following four aspects:
  ① output device coupled to the shaft through the joint, can directly detect the rotational displacement amount according to the rotational displacement amount of the shaft.
  ② without home return start. (Only absolute) absolute type, the rotation angle as an absolute numerical value parallel output.
  ③ direction of rotation can be detected. The incremental output by the time A and B phases, the absolute direction of rotation can be mastered by increasing or decreasing the code.
  ④ according to the resolution and rich output model, select the most appropriate sensor. According to the required accuracy and cost, circuit connection, select the appropriate sensor.
  With the above advantages of the rotary encoder introduction, I believe you know why the rotary encoder so sought after by the public it! Guangdong Granville Electronics Co., Ltd. specializes in producing rotary encoder 25 years. R & D have any questions, please contact us to solve!

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