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How to measure linear displacement rotary encoder?

Article Source:www.soundwell-cn.com  Edit:Soundwell  issuing time:2016-05-25

  Many of my friends want to know how the detection rotary encoder linear displacement? Today or Granville electronic detection method will be described in detail for everyone.
  We know that the rotary encoder is a light mechanical and electrical technology in one of the speed of displacement sensor. When the rotary encoder grating disk drive shaft rotates, the light emitted by the light emitting element is the grating disk slot cut into intermittent light receiving element and generate an initial signal. The signal processing circuit after subsequent output pulse or code signal.
  Rotary encoder detects linear displacement method as follows:
  1, the use of "flexible coupling" spindle rotary encoder and linear displacement driving power plant direct coupling.
  2, using a small gear (straight teeth, bevel or worm) box and power unit coupling.
  3, for use on a straight rotating rack gear to transmit linear displacement information.
  4, to obtain information on the linear displacement of the drive chain sprocket.
  5, to obtain information on the linear displacement of the belt round belt.
  6, using a roller equipped with magnetic rotary encoder displacement information obtained on a flat surface of the steel material linear displacement (to avoid Free slip).
  7, using a similar "steel tape" and "retractable wire assembly" Connect rotary encoder to detect linear displacement information (number It has to overcome stack winding process error).
  8, similar to 7, with the use of a small torque motor "retractable wire assembly" Connect rotary encoder to detect the linear position Shift information (currently in Germany similar products, complex structure, almost no stack winding error).
  As is the rotary encoder linear displacement measurement method, I find it useful to quickly collection! Guangdong Granville Electronics Co., Ltd. is the production of a rotary encoder supplier, specializing in R & D rotary encoder 25 years, if demand, please contact us.

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