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Rotary encoders and rotary encoders Troubleshooting Problem Solution

Article Source:www.soundwell-cn.com  Edit:Soundwell  issuing time:2016-06-01

  Rotary encoder code disc in the equipment design process and the object to be with each other, can be a good convergence of design corresponding parts, it is a special spatial structure designed encoder rotary encoder appears in the process of using failure is how is it? practice common faults and what? how do we address these problems it?
  Troubleshooting a rotary encoder: rotary inflexible.
  Cause: This usually is due to dust or lubricating oil into the Axis cause dry.
  Workaround: Usually take drops in the shaft at the small amount of gasoline, and gasoline drip edge while rotating the shaft.
  Rotary encoder Troubleshooting II: poor contact.
  Cause: The failure analysis in two ways, the first reed insufficient elasticity, the second is poor contact between the carbon layer and leads to the foot.
  Solution: In the first case the nail and press down porn appropriate to fix the root, the second case is the use of pliers to clamp the foot leads to repair.
  Rotary encoder Troubleshooting III: rotating shaft will be deformed.
  Cause: This is usually due to the fixed installation or nut locking potentiometer over tighten the lock nut.
  Workaround: It is recommended nut, the spindle nut surface higher than about lmm or more.
   Rotary encoder Troubleshooting four: usually unambiguous warning.
  Solution: At this time the need to replace the battery, if the reference point position memory loss, must perform reference point return operation.
  This paper stresses of daily four common faults, everyone in the event of a failure to check the cause of which aspects and take appropriate measures to deal with, timely troubleshooting, reduce unnecessary losses, so choosing the right rotary encoder manufacturers particularly important, Guangdong Granville Electronics Co., Ltd. focuses rotary encoder 25 years, we believe that our product quality and performance will surely make you satisfied!

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