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Note four rotary encoders and counters used in conjunction with

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  Rotary encoder counters can measure the production line moving distance, angle, number and the like. Its biggest advantage is that it's accurate, it has been loved by the users. Since the rotary encoder can be generated in one rotation tens, hundreds, thousands, even tens of thousands of pulse signals than the proximity switch to detect objects much more, it is possible to achieve high accuracy also many, and this is its charm!
  Well, rotary encoders and counters with should pay attention to what the problem? Today l Electronic summarize for everyone with four precautions when using.
  Rotary encoder and a counter with Caution:
      Selection of rotary encoder, within the allowable range, try to choose a higher number of encoder pulses models.
  The advantage of this is that you can make each pulse represents a smaller value, so that it can achieve higher accuracy! Of course, we can not blindly require high precision, but also need to consider the maximum response speed counters can receive. So, this should be considered when using speed and other parameters.
     For example: the precision requirements such as the use of 1mm, then after conversion, each represented by a pulse encoder to select a length of about 0.1mm, can guarantee no accident, sufficient accuracy. When the maximum response speed when the counter is 10000PPS, and encoder 1000PPR, the maximum speed of the encoder can not exceed 10RPS, to improve the speed, it can increase the maximum response speed counter, or sacrifice encoder pulses i.e. accuracy. In talking about here is the maximum speed, rather than average speed. Designed to take into account is the actual acceleration and deceleration time, then at the maximum speed is above average speed.
  Rotary encoders and counters used in conjunction with Note II:
  When the rotary encoder and counter connections, try using the phase input.
       Why do this?
  1. retardation, can completely avoid errors caused by vibration
       For example: When using a single-phase input, if encoder has vibration (vibration equipment is impossible to avoid, but relatively speaking, it affected the size of the difference), then rotate back and forth because the encoder will result in error counter count this time, when we can completely avoid the use of phase errors caused by vibration (forward and reverse: a plus a minus, in the end or not changed).
  2. retardation avoid errors caused by interference   For example: the use of the process, when interference if, on a single-phase signal fluctuations, the counter will not count as signal processing, unless two-phase signals are subject to interference and just two interference fit perfectly.
        Thus, the problem can be avoided in this way many errors.
       Rotary encoders and counters used in conjunction with Note III:   Count output device implementing agencies to consider whether to keep up the speed.
  General use cases will require speed, but the output of the counter when needed, will have to take into account whether the actuator device can keep up the speed.
  For example: The encoder output at 5000 pulses per second, each pulse represents 0.1mm, and counter with relay output, the output control device to stop running, and then perform cutting and other activities, so, then we should take into account your output can keep up the speed of the actuator. Each pulse 0.1mm, precision typically 1mm or less. The counter relay time? Good point may be twenty or thirty milliseconds, big points need 100mm. In 100ms time, further action may be more long? Almost 500 pulses, on behalf of 50 mm, the error is much larger than the required accuracy, if it is stopped before cutting, but cutting direct (non-stop), then finding agency execution time is longer. Error thus produced themselves imagine.
  Rotary encoders and counters with Caution four:
  How to avoid interference with the course of this problem?
  Because these are low voltage signals, many equipment manufacturers to save time, space, energy, high-voltage cables and signal lines bundled wiring vulnerable to a lot of interference, the device needs grounding, signal cables shielded.
  Summed up the four points above precautions you use rotary encoders and counters work is not a help? Guangdong Granville Electronics Co., Ltd. is a rotary encoder manufacturers, specializing in the production of rotary encoders 25 years, we have on the design requirements any questions can contact our professional engineers, we will give you the best configuration.

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