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ME50 Metal Shaft Magnetic Incremental Encoder

ME50 Metal Shaft Magnetic Incremental Encoder

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  • Specifications  

    Encoder model: ME50 series

    ME50 Metal Shaft Magnetic Incremental Encoder

    Main specifications:

    Dimensions: φ50 X 60mm
    Operating Voltage: 4.5~5.5VDC
    Resolution: 100 pulses/360°
    output signal: A、B、A()B(


    High quality double ball bearings;

    Long life with stable signal;

    Application field: Forklift electric steering wheel, etc.
    ME50 Product Specification

    1. Starting torque: 1mN.m
    2. Inertia torque: 1x10-6/ kg.m2
    3. Maximum speed: 6000r/min
    4. Shaft loading: 60N Max (radial direction); 40N Max (axial direction)
    5. Protection level: IP54

    1. Working voltage: DC 4.5-5.5V
    2. Input current: 30 mA Max
    3. Total current: <50mA

    4. Output signal: A、B、A()B(

    5. Output voltage: VOH>0.7VDD, VOL<0.5V
    6. Pulses: 100 pulses

    7. Respond frequency: 10MHz

    Note: In this catalog, if some parameters or drawings are different from the "Approval sheet", it's subject to the "Approval sheet".

    download ME50.pdf

    ME50 Encoder


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