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Absolute value rotary encoder Selection Considerations

Article Source:www.soundwell-cn.com  Edit:Soundwell  issuing time:2016-05-24

  Absolute rotary encoder is a rotary encoder, want to know the absolute value rotary encoder selection considerations we must understand the absolute value rotary encoder works.
  First understand what is an absolute encoder?
  Absolute encoder to rotation of the output pulse by counting device to calculate its position, when the encoder does not move or power outage, counting on internal memory to remember the location of the device. Thus, when the power failure, the encoder does not have any movement, when work calls, encoder output pulse process, it can not have lost the pulse interference, the error only after the production results appear to know.
   Find out about the absolute encoder structure?
  Absolute encoder structure: absolute encoder and measured "object" coupling, can directly measure the angle of plus or indirectly measure the length conversion means, photoelectric type, contactless and magnetic-electric, which consists of code disc and disc read code organization of information, whose resolution is determined by the number of "bits." Such as 10-bit single-turn absolute encoder, 360-degree circumferential read 1024 yards, angular resolution is: 360/1024 (degrees).
  Absolute encoder principle?
  There are many passages dynasty reticle absolute encoder optical encoder, each groove successively with 2-wire, 4-wire, 8-wire, 16 wire ...... choreography, so that in each position encoder by reading each channel scribing through the dark, get a group from the n-1 th power of the unique binary code (Gray code) to 2 2 to the zero power, which is called n-bit absolute encoder. Such encoders are mechanically position the photoelectric encoder of the decision, it is not a power outage, the impact of interference.
  This absolute encoder position is determined by the output of the code, in which a turn reading each location is unique, if the power supply is disconnected or the code wheel moves, it does not lose the actual position, when when absolute encoder main power inflator position values ​​can replace old values ​​immediately.
  Absolute encoder is determined by mechanical coding position, it does not need to remember a whole, do not need to find a reference point, do not count, if the temporary need to know the location, you can read its position immediately, thereby improving well the reliability of the encoder anti-jamming features and data.
Absolute encoder selection Note:
  First of all, we should pay attention to the size of the mechanical installation, where the size of the main include: positioning spigot, mounting holes, shaft. To know the way cable outlet, install the control volume, the working environment is not the degree of protection to meet the requirements. In the resolution, the number of work when the encoder output pulses per revolution, is not designed to be used to meet the accuracy requirements.
  Also note that when in the selection of electrical interfaces, the most common encoder output There are many ways, but it must be used with output matched its control system interface circuit.
  Secondly, the absolute encoder selection must pay attention to measuring length or a side angle, length of time to measure how mechanically converted, if the side angle, then single-turn or multi-turn.
  What is learned that after the absolute encoder and absolute encoder principle, for the absolute encoder selection Notes on are very clear, and pay attention to the above points in the procurement of absolute rotary encoders can be selected to the appropriate encoder. Guangdong Granville Electronics Co., Ltd. in 1991 has been 25 years of absolute encoder production and development experience, strong design team, product quality and cheap, cost-effective, good rotary encoder manufacturers .

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