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How to determine the quality of the rotary encoder?

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  The rotary encoder is a precision component, mainly because the rotary encoder around interference more serious, such as: Are there large motors, welders frequent starting to cause interference, whether the same pipeline and power line transmission.
  Choose what kind of output is also very important for immunity, interference with general reverse output signal is better, namely A + ~ A-, B + ~ B-, Z + ~ Z-, wherein power is supplied to eight lines, and not five lines (of zero). Reverse signal with a transmission in the cable is symmetric, by interference, in the receiving apparatus may be further increased Analyzing (e.g., use of a signal receiving apparatus A, B signal 90 ° phase difference, to read the level of 10, 11 when 01,00 four states, is counted as a valid pulse, this scheme can effectively improve anti-jamming performance (count accurately)). The rotary encoder is also good and bad, its code wheel \ electronic chip \ internal circuit \ difference signal output is large, or else how incremental encoder from a 1000 line will be 300 yuan to 3,000 yuan difference so much?
  ① exclusion (move out, closed, isolated) interference sources
  ② mechanical play is determined whether the accumulated error
  ③ to determine whether the control system and the encoder circuit interface does not match (encoder selection error)
  Symptom After ①②③ method attempts to exclude, you can preliminary judgment, if not exclude the need for further analysis.
  Rotary encoder to determine whether simple method itself is the fault of exclusion.
  Guangdong Granville Electronics Co., Ltd. specializes in producing rotary encoder 25 years, it has been a large-scale production, the use of technology to produce mature, product failure rate control in a few thousandths.
  Specific methods of elimination are: replacement of the same model using a rotary encoder up, if the same fault phenomenon, can basically rule out the rotary encoder failure, because the two rotary encoders simultaneously faulty small probability event may be small, can be seen as a zero. If replacement of the same type rotary encoder up, immediately rule out the failure phenomenon can be determined is the basic rotary encoder failure.

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