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Hunan line heaters, or Soundwell leadership condolences waist down Soundwell Warriors

Article Source:www.soundwell-cn.com  Edit:Soundwell  issuing time:2016-06-14
Hunan line heaters, or Soundwell leadership condolences waist down Soundwell Warriors

  June 13, Guangdong Soundwell Electronics Co., Ltd. Dong Hung led Granville's management, a condolence Hunan branch - Lisheng Electronic Co. waist employees.




  Guangdong Soundwell Electronics Co., Ltd. Hunan Branch - Lisheng Electronic Co., Ltd, located in Hunan Province Cili County zero Township, learned some local people with disabilities living difficult, Lisheng Electronic hired a group of workers with disabilities to help them solve their difficulties on.
  On the 14th to Hong Dong Lisheng plant after recruiting the waist down Soundwell warriors, a communication difficulties in work and life.




  Dong Hung encourage them to face life bravely, and send them love and warmth!




  Although life gave them a heavy blow, but Soundwell care but warm their heart, knowing smile, to see hope!
  This line, Hung Dong also visited some local poor households, sent them the warmth and blessing!
  As part of an electronic or Granville, I am deeply honored, a responsible and humane management of enterprise worthy of our cherished and redouble our efforts to fight!

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